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Our renowned Retail Solutions Fuel & Wetstock management products are the preferred choice for some of the world’s largest service station brands

More than 4,000 lanes throughout the convenience store, forecourt, and retail sectors.

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Forecourts have unique needs in the retail space that require more sophisticated and integrated EPOS systems.

Retail Solutions have developed two products (RS Fuel and RS Cam systems) that seamlessly integrate EPOS functionality with a number of features specific to forecourts, to make stock management, customer service, marketing and purchasing more streamlined and effective.

RS Dash

RS Dash is an application that delivers real-time sales data to retailers via their mobile devices. The app allows detailed analysis of sales KPI’s in terms of overall volume, margin, and turnover.

  • Easy to use
  • Android & iOS devices
  • Access to key information on the go
  • Daily, weekly, and yearly sales comparisons
  • Allows instant decision making
  • Single site or consolidated group information available

RS Mobile

RS Mobile provides real-time back-office functionality on the shop floor via our large screen android handheld. This touchscreen, easy-to-use device allows decisions to be implemented in real-time and without delay.

  • Your back-office on the shop floor
  • Large screen on our robust mobile device
  • ‘Waste’ & ‘Reduced to clear’ functionality
  • Real time changes on the handheld

Retail Solutions EPOS System



• Market leading user-friendly, intuitive, and efficient till point software solution
• Designed by our in-house software development team
• Created together with retailers, using extensive feedback
• Optimises the till interface to allow the best customer experience available
• Ensures the most efficient cashier operation possible
• Feature-rich system with extensive functionality
• Allows the cashier to offer recommendations for additional sales and           promotions
• Provides real time sales data to the back-office
• Offers an extensive suite of drill-down reports to the management team
• Enables retailers to act immediately on key data

Contactless, Phone Payments, Chip & Pin
  • Increased transaction speeds
  • Reduce cashier error
  • Eliminates double entry of transactions
  • Integrates with all major banks
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Integrates with leading third-party loyalty providers
  • Reward and retain your loyal customers
  • Allows the upselling of items to your customers
  • Boost your promotions
  • Report analysis to monitor and reward where most effective
Gift Voucher
  • Issued at the checkout by cashiers
  • Excludes the requirement for giving change – a new voucher can be issued in lieu of change
  • Allows the expiry date to be extended
  • Full sales reporting available on vouchers
  • Supports multiple store issuing, redemption, and central reconciliation
Cigarette Vending
  • All cigarette machine types are integrated 
  • Delivers additional security
  • Reduces error and improves the bottom line
Real-Time Point of Sale Integration
  • Instant transfer of sales data to the Retail Solutions back-office 
  • Implement back-office changes immediately at the point of sale
  • Utilises a camera link for additional security, monitoring, and analysis
Integrated Bill-Pay Services and Top-ups
  • Fully integrated at the touchscreen till
  • Integrates with most bill pay service providers
  • Intuitive menu, easy to use
  • Reduce errors by cashiers
  • Convenient payment facility for your customers


  • Provision of feature-rich, easy to navigate, and advanced back-office software
  • Manage your retail site efficiently and in real-time, minimise time spent in the back office
  • Store and monitor shop information within a central database
  • Manage store stock, purchases, and deliveries
  • Full drill-down reporting suite allows immediate and effective action
  • Retain accurate records for accounting purposes
  • Allows the retailer more time to look after customers’ needs and requirements
  • Facilitates ongoing cost control
  • Manage all your inputs and sales at individual branch level,or via Head Office
Stock Control
  • Manage your stock on a cyclical basis
  • Minimise shrinkage
  • Minimise excess stock holding, release capital
  • Create orders based on minimum stock holdings
  • Implement suggested orders based on sales, current stock, and previous orders
Deliveries & Purchase Orders
  • Automates purchase order generation
  • Simplifies the checking of deliveries
  • Operates seamlessly with stock control
  • Manage documentation and order history
  • Reduce errors and duplication
  • Increase control of ordering and sign off
  • Improve process times
Sales Ledger
  • Itemised breakdown of sales and turnover
  • Enables retailers to address errors that have the potential to negatively affect their margin
  • Simplifies and automates accounting procedures
  • Efficient accounts receivable and debtor management
  • Assists with forecasting
Point of Sale Reporting
  • Allows every aspect of point of sale transactions to be analysed
  • Full suite of drill-down reports
  • Schedule any report to printed, emailed, or viewed on-screen automatically
  • Reduces the time spent creating key management reports
  • Easy to use, fast and effective to target key areas
  • Access from anywhere using our app, RS Dash
  • Create target margins
Cash Control
  • Balance your takings by till or operator
  • Reconcile your takings in an efficient way
  • Record all tender types and lodgements
Sales & Margin Drill Down Analysis
  • Reports on metrics and situations, allows the user to drill down behind the numbers and effect change
  • Gain full data insights and analytics
  • Monitor and improve performance
  • Enhanced reporting to improve results
  • Custom filter to analyse relevant data
  • Fast reporting results
Real-Time Point of Sale Integration
  • Our POS software posts transaction data to the back office in real-time


  • Manage multiple retail price tiers across multiple stores
  • Maintain cost prices, promotions, operators, and suppliers from a central location
  • Control all promotions across all stores; choose to implement in selected stores and omit others
  • View individual site reports or consolidated reports in Retail Solutions Head Office
  • Monitor local products in various stores
  • Manage daily operations from head office
  • Reconciliation of branch purchases and sales via head office
Central Product Maintenance
  • Centralised product data
  • Improved product insights for multiple or individual stores
  • Maintain stock control via head office
  • Oversee products metrics for effective decision making
  • Monitor and distribute products within the network
Central Purchasing
  • Purchase for all stores from a central location
  • Manage documentation and order history
  • View and replenish branch stock via head office
  • Enables bulk purchasing to reduce costs
Central Price Control
  • Monitor and amend branch prices from a central location
  • Amend prices individually or for multiple stores
  • Utilise centralised reporting to make price adjustments quickly and easily

Branch Management

  • Communicative effectively and consistently to all stores from a central location
  • Operational integration
  • Control branch operations remotely
Individual & Consolidate Branch Reporting
  • Generate reports for individual stores or the entire company
  • Provides in-depth reporting for effective data analysis and cross-referencing

Central Customer Control

  • Centralised customer database
  • Manage and reconcile all customer accounts
  • Create promotions and plan marketing strategy with complete customer data for all stores
Management Accounts by Branch
  • Generate and consolidate complete management accounts reports from Retail Solutions Head Office

Branch Comparison Analysis Tool

  • Reports on metrics and situations, allows the user to drill down behind the numbers and effect change

RS Forecourt

Manage and monitor forecourt hardware and fuel sales, host communications and handle financial transactions, all within one single system. In addition to our standard back office and EPOS solutions, RS Forecourt integrates with your partner services and offers valuable features for all your fuel business requirements

Card Providers

We cater for all major fuel card providers and integrate with electronic tank gauges, so that your service station can be managed to its optimum potential in terms of stock control and profitability at all times.

Electronic Tank Gauges

Tank gauge integration assists by highlighting possible underground leaks, current stock levels, and monitors throughput by creating a three-way reconciliation between fuel in the tanks, fuel dispensed through pumps and fuel paid for at the tills.

One System

Allows our independent retail customers to trade on a similar basis to that of their symbol group counterparts, who have in-house loyalty products. Retail Solutions also integrates with all leading third-party loyalty providers.

Link to Pumps

We have developed integrated pump links with the most prominent pump management platforms, and our software can integrate with practically any fuel brand or pump manufacturer.

Link to Pump Watch System (Cameras)

Our software has the capability to integrate with your security camera systems, providing you with that extra peace of mind that all fuel transactions are being monitored in real time by both the security cameras and EPOS systems.

Payment Options

Provide a pre-payment option for extra security or an out of hours service with our outdoor payment terminal.

Link to Car Wash

Link our EPOS system to your car wash for fast and seamless operations.

Setup, Support and Services

Forecourt Technology Implementation & Training Programmes


We work very closely with our customers to ensure that the right solution is ultimately delivered on time and within budget. Our sales team are experts in meeting the needs of the forecourt sector.


From installation to 'go live' day, our goal is to get your forecourt operating as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Project Management

Changing or installing a new EPOS system can be stressful. Whatever your EPOS requirements, we take the stress out of system transfers and installation by managing the process and keeping you informed throughout.

Customer Training

Quick to learn and easy to use. Our training team will fully train your staff and managers on-site or remotely, so that you can enjoy all of the system's functionality.

Technical Support

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and a highly experienced technical support team is in place to deal with all of your queries. We can handle most queries via telephone or remote access, and operate a 24/7 emergency helpline.

RS Client Portal

You can log service requests via our online client portal. This allows you to track your query status in real-time and receive emailed updates, providing complete transparency throughout the process.

About Retail Solutions

We are an Irish Company with over 25 years experience, serving more than 2,000 sites in Ireland. With an ever-growing presence in the United Kingdom and Australia, we are the first-choice EPOS partner for many of the Retail Industry’s best known and progressive brands. 

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Sites across Ireland

Value for money, time saving solutions that help your business reduce errors and losses, accelerating the return on investment.


Our hardware and software are designed to handle everything from the most basic to the most complicated functions at the touch of a button.

Continuous Software Improvement

We are always working behind the scenes to create and implement improved retail technologies, often delivered to our client’s systems automatically.

Productivity & Profitability

Streamlining client business operations for better control of the stock, margins, cash, and staff.

Customising Technology

From stand-alone to multi-branch outlets, each solution is tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Fast & Efficient Customer Service

Our passionate and knowledgeable technical support staff are available by phone or client portal to handle enquiries quickly and effectively.

More Solutions to Help You Manage Your Business

Off the Shelf

Take your store online. With one click, your products will be immediately available on your Web Shop. Allows seamless integration between the Web Shop and your EPOS system.

Electronic Shelf Labelling

Dynamic pricing means retailers can change the price of products immediately, making their pricing strategies much more flexible.

Retail Solutions Loyalty

Reward your loyal customers with our loyalty scheme. Our programme also allows you to review spending patterns, consumer behaviour, store visits, and total spend, which can then be used to target customers with specific promotions.

Solution as a Service (SaaS)

The SaaS model offers several advantages, including fixed monthly outgoings, and affording retailers a lower upfront capital expenditure cost.


iQoo is the complete and paperless HACCP food safety solution. Digitally monitor and record all your daily HACCP related checks using a hand-held Android device.

Self-scan checkouts

Retail Solutions have partnered with world-leading technology company NCR to offer our customers the very best in self-scan checkout equipment.

Retail Solutions partners with the most innovative leaders in the market to help our customers create the exact ecosystem they require.

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